Вы будете смеяться, вы будете плакать, я тут сел конфетами... ИЛИ я наконец-то написала спич!

Чушь, полная чушь. Такого я не писала давно уже. Тем, кому совсем не лень напрягать мозг моим жутким англицким - наслаждайтесь!. Тема - Dynamic Earth.
Earth dynamics can stop once.
Our planet is manifold. Millions of different species live on the Earth, starting with bacteria and viruses, which size is less than 1 micro meter and finishing with grey and blue whales, whose length can reach more than 30 meters. The whole word lives according to its rules and its dynamics – one creature eats up another one, which is food for the third. It may seem cruel, but only in that way nature can establish its equilibrium.
Homo Sapiens is the only sentient being on the Earth. It attained perfection in its development and owing to this the main aim of the people is not to survive, but to make better life standards in order to prolong existence and to make it more luxurious. And here lots of problems begin. So, to have electricity at home, people started building hydroelectric power stations, that leads to river-beds alterations; felling trees, that is the cause of bird (and not only) species extinction; incineration fuel, that accounts for pollution of the environment. Also, in order to incarnate men’s inclination to aggression, people butcher animals just for amusement.
I can cite as an example Jonas Salk, the great scientist of the USA, who said “Eventually we will realize that if we destroy the ecosystem, we destroy ourselves.” I completely agree with him, because my belief is growing that if we did not stop, the planet would make a ‘reboot’ – the global ecocatastrophe would happen. Ecologists have sounded the alarm recently – climate is undergoing a change, because of greenhouse effect and ozone layer, which is miniaturizing every day; the great oceans are under danger – its pollution is in excess of planned rate; tigers, lynxes, waders and so many other living creatures are under extinction.
Mankind is developing, discovering new technologies, building up new towns and even islands. Scientists are ready to produce computers, which size is less than size of bacterium. It looks like people know everything and can prevent each undesirable event. Nevertheless, people are dying all the time because of AIDS, atypical pneumonia, bird’s flu, tsunami and typhoons. We cannot override nature; we must learn how to get accustomed to its own dynamics not damaging anything around us.
In conclusion I would like to supplement with words of famous American writer Ron Hubbard: “man has reached the potential capacity to destroy the Planet. He must be pushed on and up to the actions and capabilities of saving it. It is after all what we are standing for.” We think we achieved perfection, so it is time now to look around.
Do we make such a perfect world?

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